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Wee Rascal-Crease Fly/Popper

Sale price$20.00

 Say hello to the Wee Rascal. One of our surface-popping, chaos-making Crease Fly /Popper fly designs was born stateside (USA) while our founder was camping and chasing small-mouth Bass in northern Wisconsin—and bass ponds in Montana.

The Wee Rascal has a reflective green, transparent, lacquered, coated frog-coloured body and a twitchy marabou tail. A large fish eye and hi-viz open head for you to easily see and for it to catch water and thus add movement to the fly when you strip it. It also has a small mono-loop weed guard to help prevent any surface vegetation snagging. It's accompanied and graced with a wide-gaped Japanese Bass hook.

Pack Size:
Wee Rascal-Crease Fly/Popper
Wee Rascal-Crease Fly/Popper Sale price$20.00