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Loaded 15-Killer Nymph-Mayfly-Slim Fly Box.
Loaded 14-Deadly Nymph-Mayfly-Slim Fly Box.
Loaded 13-Banana Fly-Willow Grub-Slim Fly Box.
Loaded 12-Hot Dog-Mayfly-Nymph-Slim Fly Box.
Loaded 11-Slim-Bonefish-Torpedo Shrimp-Fly Box-Mix
Loaded 10-Dry Fly & Nymph Mix-Double-Silicone Fly Box
Loaded 9-Nymph Mix-Double Sided-Silicone Fly Box
Loaded 8-S/M-South Island Specific NZ-Dry Fly Mix-Slim Fly Boxes.
Loaded 7-S/M Dry Fly Mix-Slim Fly Boxes.
Loaded 2-Heavy M-L Nymph's-Slim Fly Boxes.
Loaded 6-Mayfly-Dry Fly Mix-Slim Fly Boxes.
Loaded 4-Lake Nymph Mix-Slim Fly Boxes.
Loaded 3-River S/M Nymph Mix-Slim Fly Boxes.
Loaded 5-Mayfly S/M Dry Fly/Nymph-Slim Fly Boxes.
Loaded 1-Mayfly Small Nymph-Slim Fly Boxes.

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