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The Gimp-A Fish Record Fly.

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This fly design from us to you, The Gimp- has now caught unofficially the USA state caught record carp. How remarkable is that claim to see and know? Thank you, Dylan, the monster slayer. We are truly honoured and humbled.

The Gimp's a weighty fly with eye-popping dumbells and a pulled-over closed cell gimp mask head, plus two twitchy thumping rabbit strip claws. It's tied on a stellar Japanese saltwater hook and designed to ride the point up. Designed while targetting finicky carp in gin-clear Wyoming desert lakes, but now often used for bottom feeders, bonefish, Triggerfish, Permit, Trout and Carp.

This fly's name was gifted to us by Tarantino--the great filmmaker and taken from the Pulp Fiction gimp scene--and upon seeing the gimp mask, our owner and worldly fly designer had a vision; The Gimp was born! Years ago, carp fly fishing was hardly heard of, with only one VHS tape around. Undeterred, our geeky owner saw the challenge, beauty and fun, then, during the end of his years of Carpy exploits, caught the attention of a top US fly fishing magazine, which ran an article on our owner's NZ design of carp flies and obsession with carp fly fishing stateside. How cool is that touch on our Unmatched fly fishing design and fly fishing history?

 Remember, Having more than one good fly in the correct size is always good. So, the more significant the pack, the better; that way, you will have a few staple flies doubled and trebled up in the pack selection.

As we know, there's nothing worse than losing the only fly you have that works.

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The Gimp-A Fish Record Fly.
The Gimp-A Fish Record Fly. Sale price$16.00