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Stu's Swamp Frog

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 Who's not a fan of frogs? Here's a frog Fly Fishing- Our Swamp Frog fly you'll fall in love with. Fish sure are in love with it. Our nearly 4" action-packed frogfly is ready to get them. Popping it on the surface or slow-swimming it - the choice is yours. Surgery-grade Attitude Extra black nickel wide gape large Predator 4/0 hooks will hold any monster you get into. 

The Bionic Frog and Bionic Mouse fly designs and prototypes started to be tested and materialised yonks ago while on a snakehead adventure into the jungles of Burma, just as it re-opened for tourists.

Then, years after, this Bionic Frog fly design was finished in Wisconsin, USA, while they were chasing toothy big muskie fish and mouth bass. Though only after attending a 3-day rock festival that we fumbled upon (yup, true story). Mono weed guard + a  secret tail wrap guard to aid any fouling. Our combination of some shaved deer hair + closed cell foam body keep it afloat & help it land with a froggy splash before frantically swimming away from the jaws of death below. Tie on a Swamp frog today and have fun.



Stu's Swamp Frog
Stu's Swamp Frog Sale price$30.00