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Glow In Dark/UV-Steakpie-Classic-Emerger

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Come on, who wants to avoid a bite of our delectable Steakpie? This design started back in Stu the fly designer's days in his youth in Scotland, many moons ago. Trout can't resist our classic fly design, though it hides a secret - its unique UV trout attractant properties make it a must-have! Swing this beautiful, classic-styled wet fly through the current and see why it's so much fun!

But wait, there's more! We have designed two other s-pies that also glow in the dark, One with a grey wing and the other with a black wing- making them part of our unique Superhero range collection. These Steakpies are tied on Japanese solid wide-gape hooks so we can show our appreciation for the finer things in fly design, materials, fly fishing and you. Have fun out there.

Remember, Having more than one of any good fly in the correct size is always good. So, the more significant the pack, the better; that way, you will have a few staple flies doubled and trebled up in the pack selection.

As we know, there's nothing worse than losing the only fly you have that works.

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Colour:Glow in Dark/Grey
Glow In Dark/UV-Steakpie-Classic-Emerger
Glow In Dark/UV-Steakpie-Classic-Emerger Sale price$8.50