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Sparkle Mayfly Nymph

Sale price$8.50

Some of our fishy friends can't help but take a shine to the tantalizing UV sparkle on some of our mayfly nymph fly designs.   Equally eye-catching is the multi-faceted body, featuring our signature spindly legs, shimmery peacock body and thorax, split crystal-flash tail, lead hidden thorax and a black tungsten bead head. As usual in our designs, the wide open hook gap ensures a solid hook-up. Say no more. Enjoy.

Remember, Having more than one of any good fly in the correct size is always good. So, the more significant the pack, the better; that way, you will have a few staple flies doubled and trebled up in the pack selection.

As we know, there's nothing worse than losing the only fly you have that works.

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Sparkle Mayfly Nymph
Sparkle Mayfly Nymph Sale price$8.50