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NZ Sheep Fly-Fly Art.

Sale price$39.00

Unique Custom Fly Art - Heres our- world first-  NZ Sheep Fly!

This fly will make anyone grin and appreciate the art of tying and designing fishing flies. After two decades of deliberation and concepts, the Unique Fly was finally born! Shaped out of deer hair and other nifty materials, it's tied to a massive Predator hook.

A select few have even tried to test the boundaries and catch a fish on it...though it's mainly a conversation piece and amusing piece of art for yourself or others who recognize craftsmanship and custom one-of-a-kindness.

Stands on its own four feet. Another inspiring small custom gift of creative uniqueness from us to you and your friends.

NZ Sheep Fly-Fly Art.
NZ Sheep Fly-Fly Art. Sale price$39.00