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Pogo Mayfly Nymph-Original

Sale price$8.50

 Experience the world-renowned Pogo mayfly nymph from us to you—Only available from us, direct from the fly designer, with fishy love. Stu's original Pogo Nymph, now over two decades old and born on the banks of the Mataura River., Stu's back garden is only 150 meters from his purposely built home upon its banks. Talk about fly design and fishy commitment! The perfect field-testing natural trout tank. This fly has been featured in fly-fishing films, Our owner's first and only famous CD fly tying and design film, books, and international fly-fishing publications! Its name comes from the Punk rock dance—the Pogo—named by the former Sex Pistols' Sid Vicious.  

And that's just a glimpse of its mighty history. This is the punk rock Nymph that loves to "pogo"! Check out the fresh spin on the original: The King Pogo and Hot Rod Pogo. Whether it's tied off a heavier Da Bomb Nymph and descended to the depths or topped off with floatant and let drift on the surface, the multi-tasking Pogo family is always ready to get the job done!

 Remember, Having more than one good fly and the right size is always good. So, the more significant the pack, the better; that way, you will have a few staple flies doubled and trebled up in the pack selection.

As we know, there's nothing worse than losing the only fly you have that works.

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Pogo Mayfly Nymph-Original
Pogo Mayfly Nymph-Original Sale price$8.50