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Fly Box Security-Stu's Retractor

Sale price$15.00

Here, our special fly Box retractor cord comes FREE with all our empty or fully loaded fly boxes, or you can buy it separately for other tools, keys, etc.

There's nothing worse than losing your fly box, so our heartbroken founder experienced it a few times and realised the best way to attach them after many moons of fishing, falling and guiding in the field. It is by this gizmo. It's also suitable for connecting everything else, for security and peace of mind you don't want to lose—cheap and handy, great practical gift.

It's vicious small crocodile clip at one end to attach to your clothing or bag, easy as the other end comes with a split ring that you open and attach to the small attachment holes on our full selection of fly boxes.

The fine diameter, light, coiled cord, a wire insert pretty much unbreakable cable surrounded by grey protective, smooth plastic, stretches out quickly to a meter and returns without force to an out-of-way pencil length to enable you to operate the fly box without restraint efficiently, drop it. It will not float away as it will stay attached to you. Easy Peasy. Fly Box Love - Eh! comes with specially selected and sourced attachments for ease.

Fly Box Security-Stu's Retractor
Fly Box Security-Stu's Retractor Sale price$15.00