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Dancing Dragonfly

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 This Dancing Dragonfly Nymph's life-like rubber legs twitch, its tail twitches, and it slowly sinks and sits upright on the bottom, like the natural ones do - making it a winner! Stu's unique fly design was a favourite trout-catching fly of the late Dennis Black, the founder of the top USA fly company Umpqua.

Now that honour from a man who owns fly-tying factories with thousands of fly designs to know that this was his fave, lake fly. RIP Dennis. So Umpqua and Orvis owners have bought Stus flies- WOW! We love it, don't you?

This innovative imitation starred in Stu's fly-tying film 17 years ago, "A Foam Odyssey." Craftily designed to sit upright on the bottom, its buoyant foam head and secret counterbalancing lead near the back of the body mimic natural dragonflies perfectly! You will love this nymph, and so will the trout. Happy Days. Some people also use it as a stonefly imitation, some without knowing. Who cares? They are catching plenty.

  Remember, Having more than one good fly and the right size is always good. So, the more significant the pack, the better; that way, you will have a few staple flies doubled and trebled up in the pack selection.

As we know, there's nothing worse than losing the only fly you have that works.


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Dancing Dragonfly
Dancing Dragonfly Sale price$9.00