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Bionic Mouse Fly-Popper/Predator

Sale price$25.00

 The Bionic Mouse fishing fly is like a three-inch-long snack - pop it or slide it on the surface for a juicy bite! The super strong Attitude Extra black nickel large 4/0 hook can tackle a tug boat or Jaws, with a clear hook gape, foam, weed guard, tail wrap guard, fat deer hair shaved body design, and a wiggling tail with a bleeding red butt section.

With an extra high-viz sight post, this fly was made for big, gutsy fish, so bring your sturdiest rod to make the most of it - unless you're already an ace caster, of course.  Cast this morsel out, hold on and have some rod-bending arm-pulling fun! When the big fellow smashes or slurps and pulls like a fright train.

 Note- a bit of ye-old fly design history from us. The Bionic Mouse and Bionic Frog fly designs, prototypes, started to be tested and materialise yonks ago while on a snakehead adventure into the jungles of Burma, just as it re-opened for tourists. Then, in later years, finished off while camping and fly fishing for Musky, Pike and small-mouth Bass in the USA, Wisconsin. Gee, we have untold and unmatched great brand stories and history. Maybe we are the nom One real deal in the world of fishing flies; who else/fly company, the seller of fishing flies in the whole world matches- even comes close? Thanks for your support.


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Bionic Mouse Fly-Popper/Predator
Bionic Mouse Fly-Popper/Predator Sale price$25.00