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Jungle Blues

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"I tried to ask the shopkeeper what the fish was called, and he tore the corner off a cardboard box and wrote in English, ‘Pla Chado’ – the giant snake-headed fish.”

From his rural home in the South Island of New Zealand, self-professed fly-fishing geek Stu Tripney designs, flies and runs the New Zealand Fly Fishing School. But every now and then, a fish swims into his dreams … 

Jungle Blues is Stu’s first travel memoir, recounting his strange adventures while living in the jungles of Malaysia. A story about the environment, human nature and strange friends, this hilarious tale will appeal to anyone who loves the thrill of travel and adventure.

The Best Fly Fishing Book in Years

"I’ve read the book, and I think it’s some of the most compelling “adventure angling” writing out there—and that’s been my bailiwick for years."


'I am not much of a fly fisher, but after reading Jungle Blues, I was not only greatly entertained, but tempted to wade back into it." 

 Grant Dixon Managing editor, NZ Fishing News 11/08/2020

"An uninhibited, humorous and entertaining read! Stu’s journey through the jungles of Malaysia, will leave you with a sense of excitement, adventure and inspiration, with an insight into the psyche of an obsessed sport fisherman!"

Phil Caira

Publisher - Rod & Rifle New Zealand 23/08/2020

“Adventurous storytelling with all the ups and downs a fisherman can relate to, great storytelling and gets a big thumbs up from me."

Josh James- 25/08/2020- New Zealand

"I downloaded the book, and as a fisherman I can say what a lifetime adventure you must of had, awesome. As a contributor on your Kickstarter I can’t wait to receive the actual books. I read Jungle Blues only putting it down once to Pee which I held off until my BackTeeth were Floating and had to go. 

Just got your new book and already read first two chapters, brilliant!

Thanks too for the message inside the cover. Keep up the great work"

Richard Nelson - UK- ENGLAND- 01/08/2020

"Once in a while you get to read a book that is written by a truly inspired individual. One who is the consummate person for their passion in life. This is the case with Jungle Blues, by Stu Tripney.

As an avid fly-fisherman, I appreciate learning about the locations and unique species that Stu writes about.  I have never fished in the locations that he describes in this book, but honestly, I don't think I'd want to!  He's got a taste for adventure, and it comes through with all sorts of interesting and exciting stories.

Stu has a knack for writing in a truly honest and open style that lures you into reading the next page, and the next and the next...... I finished the book in 1 afternoon.  I was enthralled at the adventures and mis-adventures that he describes in his unique way and it's just so darned entertaining that I couldn't put it down.  

This book is not only for those who are fly-fishers at heart, as he delves into the personal side of life and describes some emotions and feelings that most of us on the planet feel at one time or another.  It's a great read for people who love an adventure story in exotic places as much as people who love to fly-fish. I feel that most people would enjoy this book. 

This is in no way your average fly-fishing book.  It is much, much more.  I really enjoyed Jungle Blues and I am sure you will too.  5 stars from me!" 

Glen Tickler BC 4/8/2020

"It’s a great, easy read and captures those wonderful moments that true fishing tragics totally understand – the experiences, meeting people and the sheer wonder and beauty of the natural world. I often wonder whether other outdoor pursuits give the same degree of immersion and sense of joy that fishing does.."

Brian Lawrence - Australia 01/08/2020


"Hope you are feeling better by far now. I finished Jungle Blues and enjoyed a lot of it. You can hold on reader and would like to read it more so you better finish your next volumes. 

I think the passion comes so strongly out of it that it gives readers who are willing to find out theirs can have a boost for themselves."

Kare Lapen- Finland 14/08/2020

Jungle Blues
Jungle Blues Sale price$23.99