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Bionic Beetle's

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 The legendary floating Bionic Beetle dry fly range has been honed over decades of trial and error- and its design was born in Tasmania decades ago - while Stu was there on another fly fishing adventure. The Bionic beetle design history can also be traced way back, many moons ago, to a CD fly tying- cutting edge- film Stu made about tying flies from foam and synthetics from way back when (CD's were a thing, remember those?!)

We've perfected the Beetle's realistic shell and tiny rubbery legs, plus its wispy CDC post is super easy to spot. It's designed to rest low in the water, with its reflective, iridescent shell and unmistakable beetle silhouette tempting the fish below.

This fly's unique blend of synthetics creates an iridescent beetle shell that's so good that others try to copy it. It's available in all the beetle colours you can think of--the proven favourite of fly fishers around the globe. Go ahead and give 'it a try--we guarantee you won't be disappointed! Eh?

Tip- On lakes, fish it tied off, a more significant attractor dry like a Cowboy, to detect any subtle beetle trout sips easier.

 Another wee Tip: when the white Hi-Viz CDC post gets wet- dust it with some of Stu's Fairy dust fly drier.

 Tied on a strong Tiemco fly hook with a wide-open gape for solid hookups.

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Bionic Beetle's
Bionic Beetle's Sale price$9.00