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Fly Box-Double Sided-New Generation-Silicone

Sale price$29.00

 Our Stu's Superior Flies are branded, double-sided Generation Silicone fly boxes. They are aerodynamic in design and are very durable. All models have clear lids on both sides and are waterproof fly boxes and consist of 3-sized models that will easily fit into most compartments and pockets.

And we don't wish you to lose your box full of our fish-slaying flies and be out of pocket and distraught. We will kindly gift you FREE with each fly box purchased one of our unique fly box security cords. How cool, Eh! Honest, we do appreciate and love you all. We know it's like a death in the family. Some say it is worse if you lose your fly box.

A lime green silicone plate on each side keeps the flies safe and helps aid quick fly selection. Silicone teardrop slits have a much better hook grip than slit foam and do not retain water. These boxes, rather than the slim other fly boxes we also sell, provide better ceiling height and are mainly suitable for dry flies and other bulky flies on which you want to avoid squeezing and crushing in a slim fly box.  

Mini:  Length-105mm, W 75 x H 33. It can hold 98 flies. (tight)

Small:  Length-120 mm, W 100 x H 40 Can hold 188 flies. (tight) 

Medium:  Length-148 mm, W 95 x H 42.- Can hold 220 flies (tight)

Fly Box-Double Sided-New Generation-Silicone
Fly Box-Double Sided-New Generation-Silicone Sale price$29.00