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Famous NZ Trout-Sticker-Sand Camo

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Probably the most famous large NZ brown trout ever caught a few decades ago, by yes- you guessed it, our geeky founder, Stu. Who geekily got the trout painted by the best,  top trout artist Matin Simpson. (Rip Martin). Even the spots on it are from the real deal; that’s the detail, history. From there, it spawned and quickly became the quality trout sticker that nowadays travels constantly worldwide, adorning on boats, trucks, laptops and rod tubes. Really, Honestly, it’s most probably, nowadays, the most famous brown trout in the world of fly fishing, and it’s got so much history and stories around it, like all our flies and us.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg! We could talk about this travelling trout adornment for hours.

So, it’s way more than just a sticker. Some of the first our founder produced, with the same company to date, are still looking new after just under a decade of being out in the harsh NZ elements. Now that's a testament to one heck of a good bloody dam sexy trout sticker. Don’t you all think? Stick one on your granny’s wheelchair today!

 Our famous long-lasting trout sticker is digitally printed on the best vinyl in NZ. We don’t care about the cost as we wish. Nothing but the best shit for you all.

It also will not leave any shitty sticky residue if, god forbid, it’s ever removed or relocated. (catch and release) These stickers are long-life, hard-wearing stickers. They are UV-laminated and will last outside for years, even in New Zealand’s harsh weather conditions. 

  Famous-Trout Size is 15cm Long x 6 High.

Famous NZ Trout-Sticker-Sand Camo
Famous NZ Trout-Sticker-Sand Camo Sale price$8.00