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Patch-Woven Love Bundle x 5

Sale price$50.00

 Here’s a bundle of unique fishy woven patch love. These are quality, super cool-looking woven patches, designs unmatched and, dare we say it, again! like all our quality products. Unique AF.

Obviously, you can sew them onto everything, though did you know you can easily blob a bit of selected glue onto the back and adhere them that way?

Never have fishing patches in the world looked so cool and stylish. Don’t you think? We obviously know. So we get to blow our trumpet, as they say! Bless.

So what will you get in the fishy woven patch bundle.

1 x Killer Nymph Patch (6cmx 6 circles)  1x Stu's Superior flies NZ, 1x Deadly Cicada,  1x Deadly Ant, and 1 x Brown Trout.