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Out Come The Dogs Vol 6

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The Intrepid adventures of a fly-fishing geek.

“It was widely known that this valley and the nearby Parvati Valley – a particularly known tourist weed mecca – as well as a few other remote valleys in the state were the biggest producers of the best hashish in India, though many would dispute that and say in the world! Unlike the many that come for the hashish, the solitude and maybe 1 per cent for the fruit, I was solely here for the trout fishing, which I was to find was a much rarer occurrence than I’d expected.”

All of Stu Tripney’s adventures start with a wild idea and the courage to explore places barely known. Fly fishing is always at the heart of the plan, but only ever a part of the story.

Out Come The Dogs happens in India, where Stu ventures high up into the Himalayan mountain range visiting remote villages and valleys encountering and embracing everything in his path.Savage dogs, monks, hashish, monkeys, whisky, poverty, nomads, sickness oxygen and fly fishing.

Available as:

  • Digital Download file
  • High quality physical copy. 434 pages and 50 great colour photos. 


Out Come The Dogs Vol 6
Out Come The Dogs Vol 6 Sale price$49.99